Robin Mendis


Robin Mendis is a Srilankan born Canadian Singer who was trying to follow his dream from the age of nineteen.

He says "I really loved singing so I wanted to sing with a group of people or friends so that I could overcome my shyness" I had a few friends who had a band and they wanted me to come practice with them & I used to be with them all the time singing different songs, but due to my school work been neglected, my dad grounded me from going to meet them".

Finally at the age of fifteen he got an opportunity to join the church choir & by being an active church choir member he developed in his singing as well as confidence in presenting himself in front of people and then started joining talent competitions and jamming with his friends at their gigs! At the age of nineteen he was called by one of the popular local bands "Feedback" to be there front man" and he accepted the challenge.

Singing 7days a week at night clubs / hotels / casino's and private functions gave him the exact opportunity to start developing on his entertainment skills. With its experience he started doing guest spots at various venues & was known by a lot of local musicians / event managing companies and also a specific fan base used to follow him around to watch him perform.

In 2007 he took a step further and moved in to the Middle East "Qatar" as he wanted to do something big. He formed his own band "Blaze" with his friends who are also professionals in the band seen they performed at Night clubs & parties. One of the major event coordinating personnel offered them a contract to perform at the American Military base which they accepted; they had been performing there until mid 2010.

Now comes the big break" he says" I had now been playing for bands for a long time and I have achieved a lot since where I had started, but now it's time for me to move on' I need to do something on my own" I began to write music but it never came out the way I wanted it. When all my hopes were gone, one fine day I woke up in the morning so confused' the first thing I knew was, I had a pen and a scrap paper with me in my hand and I was writing a song. I completed the lyrics and arrangements of the track, called my friends and flew back to Colombo to Record this song!

This song which Robin is mentioning was a Hit and a lot of them liked the style of his singing. He then moved to Dubai and was composing new music Until finally he got the breakthrough to go to Canada.

Currently Robin Mendis is out there as a solo artist performing various gigs around the GTA and still awaits for an opportunity to showcase his talent and also to give the people a taste of his music.